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The default installation instructions for CubeCart state that you should install it in a directory such as /store. This is fine if you already have a main website and your store really is an extension to that but for most people that isn't the case at all.

Its a known fact that redirecting your domain to a directory isn't good for SEO and SEO is probably the most important factor for any new website. So lets say your domain is but you've installed CubeCart into then you've got to redirect your website so that when anyone visits gets redirected to Search Engines don't like this and it will hurt your all important Search Engine position.

Moving your store from to isn't really that hard but unless you are experienced in server management then it can be a nightmare with errors popping up all over your website.

Well we can do this for you. It will take around an hour to complete (in most cases) with absolutely minimal downtime necessary.

So improve your SEO prospects and get your store moved today!

If you are interested in this service simply open a Support Ticket to discuss your requirements and depending on the time of your order we can have your installation moved within a couple of hours. Please remember though that we are located in the UK so our office hours maybe completely different to yours.

Price: £35.00
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Average price is £35.00 for standard store, but this may increase if you have other php scripts integrated or third party mods installed etc. Please contact us for a quote.



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